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Proven Results - Designed Individually for each Client

Business Meeting

Execution and delivery of effective expense management/cost reduction practices - Andy has run multiple cost reduction initiatives across large companies with very successful outcomes meeting or exceeding reduction targets every time.  He also takes a long term view on managing cost.  He works closely with individuals across the organization to identify creative and non-obvious opportunities to reduce costs.

Business Meeting

Business and Technology strategy and key operating / performance metrics - development and execution of technology strategies while implementing metrics designed to focus team on achieving strategic goals with a culture of accountability.


Build structured and comprehensive governance of all new technology investments (internal and external) - deeper reviews lead to less waste and fewer redundancies.

Dollar Bills

Cost allocations across the organization for transparency and better decision making across the organization.

NYC Skyline BW

Location strategy and outsourcing - development and execution of plans to most efficiently source labor with a strategic view towards cost, delivery and speed.

Analysing the Numbers

Financial budgeting, analysis and MIS - design front to back process around financial oversight and planning, all focused on proactive views and avoiding surprises.

Business Handshake

Vendor management, contract negotiation and technology risk controls - develop and implement comprehensive vendor management programs and contract reviews.  Structure technology risk processes for effectiveness of clearing identified issues and satisfying regulators.

Machine in Factory

Automation and streamlining of business processes which results in a tightly run organization, better equipped to respond quickly and accurately to challenges.  evaluation of existing controls and team functions.  Team building and ensuring the best people are in the right roles aligned with achieving goals.


Andy leverages his years of experience in large multi-national financial institutions as a COO/CAO to quickly and efficiently identify issues and recommend pragmatic ways to improve in a short time-frame with long term sustainability.

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