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I have known Andy for nearly twenty years.  We worked together at Deutsche Bank when he joined my team as a COO for the Global Equities technology group.  Andy proved to be an excellent COO, partner, and leader.  He helped us develop and implement an aggressive strategy while putting in a set of processes, controls and financial metrics that allowed us to have a significantly deeper understanding of our business and much needed transparency to our internal clients.  At the time, cost reduction was very important.  Because of Andy’s insight and expertise, we were able to effectively manage costs without suffering reductions in delivery or quality. He works very well with people and inspires confidence and trust.  I know Andy will be very successful leveraging all of his skills as a consultant and highly recommend him to any organization looking to become more efficient and effective. 


Andy and I were part of the technology senior management team at E*Trade.  Andy ran the business operations for the group and was responsible for the technology strategy, financials, headcount, vendors, communications and other critical aspects of running a complex organization.  We worked very closely together in my role as the head of project management.  We relied on Andy to bring help bring financial and operational clarity to the decisions we were making and to help us to manage our risks.  He was able to put a necessary structure around decision making that was pragmatic and effective.  He is an excellent negotiator and built strong ties with other parts of the company.  He also served as a strong partner to our CIO.  He is smart,honest and is always focused on making the right decisions as a team.  Andy is a pleasure to work with and I recommend him as a subject matter expert and trusted advisor to help any business. 


Andy looked at our business issue with the experiential knowledge needed. Big picture yet with clear next steps to find clarity and, the part I most appreciated, he created. a tool (spreadsheet on steroids) for me to dig in and come to the best choice.

Andy has a way of asking just the right questions so that you come up with your solution. Rather than a coach dictating a list of possible solutions (which in my experience are unlikely to stick and work), he takes the approach of discovery question after discovery question until you unpack the problem and co-create a clear path forward. Worked brilliantly!


I had the pleasure of having Andy Stillman on my team leading the business operations function for Citi Technology Infrastructure, when I was the CAO for that organization. Andy brought to the table a deep understanding of financial management and analytics – quickly highlighting what was important to track, understanding and helping to set strategy and goals, and then building and leading the team to deliver against those goals. Andy is a good listener, is easy to work with, is data driven but also flexible in his approach. I consider him a safe and very competent pair of hands, and would not hesitate to give him any small or large and complex challenge to take charge of!


I rarely meet someone who listens as deeply as Andy.  In a short period of time, Andy reviewed our business, understood our process and helped us create more certainty in our week to week operations.  The dynamic spread sheet that Andy created for us is key in fostering the stability we have been looking for.  We would recommend Andy to any small business owner looking for extra support. He is terrific!


Andy and I worked together at Deutsche Bank in London where he was the CAO of the Global Equities group.  I hired Andy to design and implement a control structure and financial transparency that we needed at that time. Andy is very insightful, thoughtful and carries a certain gravitas with him that enables him to gain the respect of his peers and co-workers while implementing the improvements necessary.  Andy was also an excellent negotiator and was responsible for almost every major 3rd party contract negotiation as well as our outsourcing arrangements.  He was able to drive significant expense reductions across the organization while improving quality and automation.  He partnered closely with all of the business heads in the Equities group and across other parts of the company. Because of his background in technology groups, he was able to bridge the gap in helping us understand the necessary investments and avoid making costly mistakes.  He built and managed a team of high performing people and led by example.  When I left Deutsche Bank I was fortunate to be able to hire Andy into a similar role at UBS.  I highly recommend him for any consulting role that will leverage his skills.  He will help your organization.


I have worked with Andy on large, complicated, and challenging Digital Transformation projects in the financial services industry. We delivered success, and he was a key team player every time


I have worked closely with Andy Stillman for over two years. Andy is a strategic business professional with a demonstrated record of providing high quality and timely analytical leadership for technical projects, strategic initiatives, risk mitigation, cost reduction, and business development efforts. It is very easy to communicate with Andy, and he takes a no-nonsense approach to identifying the root causes of problems and providing feasible solutions. Andy has always responded to my inquires in a clear concise manner and even taught me how to improve on my own communication skills. If you are looking for ways to make your business more efficient and more cost effective, I highly recommend Andy Stillman’s consulting services.


Andy Stillman guides clear thinking in challenging times to solve for unique problems. His unique ability includes investigating circumstances holistically, realigning strategy to the potential, and building the right team.


Andy is a 10/10 when it comes to hiring, firing and quickly analyzing your current roles and team. He asks those simple yet profound questions that seem obvious after the fact, often leading you to make the difficult decisions you’ve known you needed to make in your gut for a while.


Andy was responsible for overseeing the business line IT project portfolio from ongoing governance and financial perspectives.   He is a highly credible interlocutor with the experience, personality, and gravitas to gain consensus on difficult topics.

His financial background placed him in a position where he understood the numbers better than anyone.  He repaired a system of cost attribution that was badly broken, assigning costs fairly to the actual consumers of the system services.

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