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A Fractional CFO Who Thinks and Acts Like a Partner

Andy has over 30 years of experience successfully helping businesses improve by developing and executing meaningful financial strategies focused on the long term success of the business. He is motivated by helping others and finds intrinsic value in solving complex issues large and small - leaving the business in a better place and better positioned to grow. He approaches problems with no preconceived notions and relies on a data driven approach. His orientation is towards simplification, transparency, holistic pragmatism, leveraging tools and managing risk effectively. He has held senior finance and operational roles in large multi-national organizations and has often acted as an in-house consultant - successfully solving difficult problems while working with multiple stakeholders across each organization. He recognizes that every business is different and looks forward to designing and implementing specific and unique improvements that will help the business.

Andy has held senior roles in a number of companies including:  E*Trade, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Societe General and Coopers & Lybrand (PWC).  Andy founded AG Stillman Advisory in 2020 and has helped numerous companies since that time.  

Andy is innately curious and takes advantage of his unique ability to understand the big picture while mastering the details necessary to achieve success.  He believes that strong communication is a fundamental building block of a successful strategy.

Andy has founded AG Stillman Advisory to help his clients adapt and succeed in a changing world.

Some of Andy’s key focus areas include:

Working closely with owners and key stakeholders to understand the issues at a deep level and to develop bespoke solutions that move the business forward towards better profitability.  

Developing realistic strategic plans that can easily be flexed to adjust to changing circumstances.

Becoming more efficient by lowering costs and automating processes by leveraging technology and people

Building strong teams and learning how to hire correctly for the role.

Targeted communications and messaging aligned with overall strategy.

Developing key metrics to better understand success and identify opportunities to improve

Financial oversight / governance and developing insightful and forward looking views that will give a business an opportunity to be more proactive and get ahead of the curve.

Andy is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics and also has an MBA from New York University.  He is a CPA.  

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